Aloha Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh.

Exactly one year back, Andhra Pradesh started new phase of journey.

On June 2nd 2014, erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into Telangana State [TS] and Andhra Pradesh [AP].

So Tomorrow, June 2nd 2015 will be first anniversay of Navya(New) Andhra Pradesh. In this one year, lot of water has flown in Krishna. Andhra Pradesh has come a long way, starting with budget deficit problem.

On May 25th 2015, exactly one week before we started “Ujwalandhra“, Government of Andhra Pradesh unveiled the master plan for the state’s new capital city, “Amravathi”.

Reports from various media houses on ‘Amaravathi, Capital city of Andhra Pradesh’:

Image from LiveMint (Source) 

Amaravathi of Andhra pradesh  master plan by singapore
Amaravathi of Andhra pradesh (comprising Vijayawada & Guntur) – Master plan by Singapore

The Hindu (source)

Beside the Krishna river, the master plan preserves much of the existing greenery and waterways, while introducing new parks, gardens and recreational facilities including a cricket stadium. Amaravati will possess a distinctive river front with lush open spaces for its citizens to enjoy.

While the capital would be spread over 7,420, the central planning area will be located in 854 and capital city in 217

Business Standard (source)

“It is a ‘green’ plan, because of its emphasis on public transportation and not merely private transportation. It is green because it has considered forms of alternative transportation like cycling and other connectivity elements. It will set a new benchmark not just by Indian standards but by international standards,” Iswaran said at a joint press conference with Naidu.

“The second point I would make is, it’s also a ‘blue’ plan. It’s a blue plan because you are blessed with very rich water resources and the idea is to take advantage of that in order to enhance amenities,” he said.

Here is the original communication by Government of AP.

Amaravathi of Andhra Pradesh (pdf file)

Excerpts from Amravati Master Plan

The capital city will rise on the banks of the Krishna River, between the existing cities of Vijayawada and Guntur. Named after an ancient Buddhist city, Amravati will be the seat of the Andhra Pradesh government. It will also be a city where Andhra citizens and people from all over the world can live, work and play.

The five key features* of the Amaravathi Master Plan are: i) growing a vibrant economy; ii) creating a liveable Indian city; iii) enhancing connectivity and active mobility; iv) ensuring sustainability; and v) the People’s Capital.

(*More details on the key features of Amaravathi soon).

Stay Tuned, for a brighter future for Andhra Pradesh.


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