Rising and Shining Andhra Pradesh (Ujwalandhra)

It has been a year since Andhra Pradesh was divided into two. Seemandhra and Telangana.

This day, last year, We were so bewildered that we didn’t even know what was happening in the state. After much hotchpotch over the fight for the capital region, special status for both the states and proper sharing of resources, things are slowly appearing to be right.

The main bone of contention between the two formed states was regarding the capital region. Some claim that Hyderabad was developed by people of Seemandhra and some claim that it is because of Telangana people that it had seen the roots of development. “Who developed it” is never a question. Since it is the capital, it has to be developed.

Coming to our new capital region, Amaravathi which is rich in heritage and culture can be developed better than any other city. If the head of the state aims for the development, things would move faster without stalling.


The image depicts cultural heritage.

Source: http://www.amaravathi.info

Let’s put our heads high and aim for development.

What all we need is development without axing out the roots.

What all we need is to maintain brotherhood.

Stay calm! Rise and Shine!!


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