The Glorious Road Ahead.

No great thing ever came out of ease. And the future grandeur is not appreciable in the humble beginnings either. It is at that juncture I welcome you all to this e-Think Tank. A strained past stands blurred in our vision, but we are sensible to understand and assimilate the reasons behind it. Let the struggle to re-build the superstructure be taken from that vigour. Andhra Pradesh, the newly carved out state, has a historical legacy to be told, again to our masses. An economic lifestyle to be projected. A social ecosystem to be sustained. All of this, on the professional front it deserves.

I have had the opportunity to witness the state division and the struggle in close quarters. The place that gave me the bird-eye visual itself was the reason for division in a way. Hyderabad, the land of miracles became the ‘sole’ land of miracles. The rest of the geographical terrain was ignored not only by the outsider business class, but also by the insider dwellers. It’s a cycle obviously, economic patronage translates to social acceptance. But the cycle became highly vicious, before we realized what was about to happen. We should pay for it, but let’s only be positive about the mistakes and the lessons that they teach.

Borders aren't just lines here.

Things here in Andhra, don’t seem fine. The manifestos speak ambitious outlines, and they are good, but need a critical analysis on the ground level. People are not so hopeful about the process, the apathy is clearly observed as a trend. The tools we use to achieve certain goals in this process may not be up to the anticipated excellence. And our strategies need enough intellectual support, because in such situations, the Govt alone should not be subjected to the burden.

So, this is what I think shall be done through this avenue. Speak of policy analysis and appropriate alternatives that give us the credibility and the respect to criticize constructively. I am sure most of us have opinions, but to win the situation and not the debate alone, let’s back up with facts and numbers. We need objective justification for our subjective inclinations. We can pick up themes and discuss the alternative ways to see the end results. And most importantly, let’s bring the public dialogue from the youth, who have slightly detached from the state building process. This can turn out to be the omnipotent change-maker, once it grows in size and quality. I promise, we shall be rational. No ideological or political bias. Just passionate to see the state thrive in all frontiers. Ultimately, it’s not just about the economic prosperity, but also about the connect we as the people should generate amongst ourselves.

Are you game, my fellow aspirants?

Here’s a toast, for the humble yet etched beginnings.


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