The Mountains we create – Literally ‘We’

We, the humans are optimistic beings. There is a saying that if there is a will , we can move mountains. But frankly we are creating ‘Mountains’ and that is largely unnoticed. In fact, very few even visualize the mountains we are creating.

You may wonder what am I talking about .

The Mountains, am talking about are not made up of rocks but by ‘Sludge’ that we create through treating the wastewater.

Now you may wonder that isn’t treating the wastewater a good thing and is it not the ‘Magic Bullet’ sort of solution, which when built solves all the problem. The issue is , the waste that we generate is never destroyed but transformed from one form to another. Mostly it involve conversion of liquid (Wastewater) to solid (Sludge) or Liquid to Solid to Gas (After the sludge is incinerated to produce gas and let into atmosphere).

Now you may think, why am visualizing the sludge we create as ‘Mountains’.

The reason is a Nation with comparable population of India, that is China has recently come to realize that the amount of sludge they are creating is unimaginable and have computed the amount to be 30 million tons per year and that was in 2012.

Here is the Infographic on the extent of the problem in China. This can give a brief idea on the ‘Sludge Problem’ that we would face, when every Tier-1 and Tier-2 city in India is equipped with the capacity to treat all the wastewater that its citizens create.


So with this interesting and rather ‘apocalyptic’ future that you have just visualized through this Infographic, let me share a funda with you .

The readers of this blog , am sure are well acquainted with the fact that the proposed capital of Andhra Pradesh a.k.a Seemandhra is Amaravathi. Amaravathi is described as having a terrain of 1960’s Singapore, which is largely undeveloped and the able Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh intends to transform this place into Modern day Singapore on the river banks of Krishna.

It is also to be noted that the proposed area of this city is 10 times the area of modern city state of Singapore and the glaring fact here is, this city is in Hinterland (i.e) the city would not have access to sea.

The use of pointer like ‘Glaring’ should have raised an alarm in your mind now. I assure you that, I can explain the perspective in the next blog post.

With this fact, let me wrap up this first conversation between us with a suggestion/question to you all.

Why not visualize the ‘Sludge Problem’, which I had so passionately explained above, for the planned city of Amaravathi ?


Infographic: Conquering China’s Sludge Mountains –

Big Plans for the New Capital-


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