Brainstorming Governance in India for Good Governance Yatra

Below is the plan of what we intend to brainstorm about each topic (and probably write few words about each topic) for gearing up towards Good Governance Yatra*.

Good Governance Yatra, first of its kind initiative in India is being organised by Vision India Foundation.

Full details at Vision India Foundation | Good Governance Yatra

(All Images belong to Vision India Foundation)

Topics to explore for Good Governance Yatra

A. Significant Events of 2015 in India –

Get the PDF here – List of Significant Events of 2015 in India in small PDF File | UjwalAndhra Pradesh

Corporate Governance –  Evolution of Corporate Governance in India | UjwalAndhra Pradesh

B.  Theory

  1. Definitions of “Good Governance”
  2. Who is a developed citizen?
  • What is the definition of developed citizenry ?
  • What it takes to make a citizen developed?
  • What is government doing now?
  • What can be alternative to the government present policies towards developed citizens?
  • Concept of “Enlightened Citizen” by Swami Ranganathananda.

C. Thinking “What How Why” about Good Governance

  1. De politicisation of major issues in public policy
  2. Paradigm Shift in Indian Public Policy ?
  3. Applying “Disaster Management cycle” to all policies
  4. Looking into process, not the destination. Good governance outcomes are processes . They are not static.
  5. e- gov, Tech penetration to ground level
  6. Private (corporate / FDI) investors confidence
  7. Lokpal, lokayukta
  8. Judicial activism & Good Governance.
  9. Good governance – simplification of laws, clarity to citizens.
  10. Delay in development process & projects – Why it takes so much delay in India ?
  11. Role of civil society – Indian Constitution – Who are Active Citizens ?
  12. Crazy mad rush for good governance – The negative side of rushing for Good Governance !  (G. Sampath on Modi government – Op-Ed Why everyone loves ‘good governance’ – The Hindu )

D.  Thinking “When Where Who” about Good Governance in India

Indian Models

 United States of India !?

  1. Gujarat Pro capitalist model
  2. Rajasthan speed reforms Model
  3. Haryana –  Gurgaon Model & Green Revolution Model
  4. Delhi VS Washington, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Paris capital city models
  5. Delhi – Mughal legacy and Lutyens Delhi
  6. Kerala social development Model
  7. Bengaluru +Hyderabad (startup capital) IT development model
  8. Pune & Chennai (Manufacturing sector capitals ) – MH & TN – Leaders as per many parameters. Why ?
  9. AP – Pioneer in e–governance. (Srivatsa Krishna ?)
  10. TN Election freebies

 People with Good Vision for Good Governance

  1. Gandhi and Good Governance
  2. PV Rao – Rapid Macro Economic Reforms
  3. Indira Gandhi – Emergency era & JP Narayan

 Policies and Schemes of Government of India

  1. Digital India – (Indian software industry focuses on exporting)
  2. NAREGA – Good governance
  3. Why ISRO is successful PSU and why others are not ?
  4. SEZ and good governance
  5. Aadhaar – Targeting the correct beneficiaries – good governance
  6. Sports – Olympics & Good Gov – BCCI – what not to do
  7. Govt hospitals and governance
  8. Responsive Citizen Services – Passport services
  9. Terrific Traffic and good governance
  10. speedy and less corrupt educational boards, universities (IIT IIM & Local Colleges Gap)
  11. Law commission, AP Shah Committee.
  12. Defense reforms & Good Gov
  13. Avoiding conflict with neighbours – Good governance

E. Our  Vision for –

  1. Andhra 2025
  2. India 2025

Over next two weeks, our Team Ujwala will come up with short & crispy articles on some of the above mentioned topics.

We encourage readers strongly to come up with ideas, regarding Growth and Development of India – And its linkage with “Governance”.

Stay tuned for more updates on Good Governance & GG Yatra.

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