Human Harvest (2014) : Illegal Organ transfer

A neo-holocaust. In the mainland of China. Of all, one particular group is targeted. 40,000 to 60,000 people executed so far. To add to the horror, this stands on the illegal and officially approved forced organ transfer. Enough gruesome detailing at one place? Welcome to “Human Harvest” documentary.

Date: 24th July, 2015

Duration: 52minutes

Venue: Ashoka University, 2nd screening in India till date

By: Leon Lee, a Canadian Film maker.


Falon Gung, in China is a meditation and spiritual practice group that believes in Buddhist principles and rests its philosophy on three pillars – TruthfulnessCompassion, and Forbearance.  And China is emerging as one of the biggest havens for medical tourism by volume. These totally unrelated facts otherwise, carry the connection that sends chills down the spine. A tiny curiosity which started as the quest to know something ended up in discovering one of the bravest attempts to dig out the unseen truths. That this ‘enlightened and soft’ group is seen as a threat to the social, political stability of the totalitarian regime of China and a general increase of arrests followed up naturally in the name of safeguarding the psyche-fabric of the society. However, it was then known that these people are left with no choice but to undergo hell once they are detained – Torture, extreme humiliation, unsolicited medical tests, rape and not to mention the forced organ transfer. This act got reflected as the mind boggling numbers of medical efficiency and promptness of the hospitals over there. The documentary depicts all of this, convincingly in less than an hour through narrations of the camp survivors, the doctor’s testimonies and the ones who have done research on that – David Matas and David Kilgour, Nobel peace Prize nominees.

After the screening, we spoke to Leon Lee on Skype, and put our issues forward.

Skype call with the Film Maker

Most of us conveyed our concerns with the West selectively depicting the horrors of the East and what strength it took to unearth such a controversial and sensitive issue to mainstream media. (It was funny to observe how we as a race started to feel good about ourselves by mutual blame game and not working sufficiently to condemn those crimes) The Tibetan issue was obvious to doubt and several organs have been used for Indian patients as well, he asserts.  But, his 8 years of effort and the courage to stand numerous assassination attempts till date needed a solid solution ahead. Chinese government, on paper, crossed- down all the ‘allegations’. Already world human rights activists are pitching in, but apparently that doesn’t sound loud enough. Several nations have passed legislations against illegal organ trade as a way of extending solidarity. India too has legislative backing – It is illegal to trade organs, it only has to be ‘donated’ by close family members.  But we know how things in reality work, unload a suitcase full of money – you always get a needy poor man or woman offering to sell his/her organs.

If we think of solutions ahead, awareness amongst world dwellers and activism is the only feasible one. But, every moment we stay calm on this issue, there is someone getting killed for reasons they know and can’t do anything about it.

Don’t stay calm, speak up.