If you already have made up your mind, on what to write, please go ahead and write it. Then, mail it to “ujwalandhra[at]”

If you are an NRI or NRA (Non Resident Andhra!), you can share your Success stories and your analysis of Andhra Pradesh, and your views on Development of Andhra Pradesh.

If you are from other states of India, you are welcome to write, on how you perceive Andhra Pradesh and Andhra people and your personal experiences of your stay at Andhra Pradesh.


If you are not sure of what to write, but if you are excited, and willing to contribute to the growth story of Andhra Pradesh, Here is some food for thought for you. These are only preliminary guidelines. You can pick up any topic of your choice.

With basic google search, and dedicated effort, within less time, you should be able to come up with compelling story to narrate.

Dont Wait !
Dont Wait !

Topics to Ponder:

  • Pan – Indian problems

Articles, on any problems that are plaguing India right now.

  • Region-wise analysis
  1. Specific Problems of North India
  2. Specific Problems of West India
  3. Specific Problems of East India
  4. Specific Problems of North East India
  5. Specific Problems of South India
  • Problems of Southern States
  1. Specific Problems of Andhra
  2. Specific Problems of Telangana
  3. Specific Problems of Karnataka
  4. Specific Problems of Tamilnadu
  5. Specific Problems of Kerala
  6. Specific Problems of Maharashtra
  7. Specific Problems of Orissa


Photos of Andhra


Future Scope for AP in:

  1. IT & ITES sector
  2. Manufacturing Sector
  3. Logistics Sector
  4. Food Processing Sector
  5. Aviation Sector
  6. Cash Crops
  7. Other Sectors


Summary, Analysis and Critical Appraisal of GoAP (Government of Andhra Pradesh) Documents:

  1. White Papers published on the eve of Partition of Andhra
  2. Economic Survey of Andhra


Articles on Profile of Andhra

HDI analysis of Andhra, Region wise – Central AP, Northern AP, Southern AP, Western AP

Society of Andhra

  1. Great people from history of AP
  2. Arts of Andhra – Kuchipudi, Kondapalli, KalamKari
  3. Museums of Andhra
  4. Poets & Poetess of Andhra
  5. Telugu Literature from Andhra
  6. Top Writers of Andhra
  7. Festivals of Andhra
  8. Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh
  9. History of Andhra – One article per each Dynasity, starting from Satavahanas
  10. Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh
  11. Popular people series – Cinema, Science, Technology, Engineers, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Political Leaders, Freedom Fighters,


Public Policy of Andhra

  1. Successful Schemes of Government on various aspects – poverty alleviation, Scholarships, 108 etc
  2. Present Schemes of GoAP

Economy of Andhra

  1. Infrastructure review of AP – dams, roads, rail, port, rivers.
  2. social indicators of Andhra
  3. list of universities and popular educational institutions in AP
  4. Ports of Andhra
  5. Airports of Andhra
  6. Poverty in Andhra
  7. Inequalities in Andhra
  8. Migration in Andhra
  9. power scenario overall demand, supply, per capita,   gap, power plants
  10. all indices – core and applied
  11. Planned Mega and smart cities in Andhra.
  12. existing industries
  13. rail junctions – Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali, Renigunta, Gudur, Nandhyal etc
  14. Rainfall and drought scenario on AP
  15. Mining in Andhra


Environment of Andhra

  1. Rivers through Andhra ( 3 Big Rivers + Other Important Rivers)
  2. Lakes of Andhra
  3. Caves of Andhra
  4. Forests of Andhra
  5. Mountain Ranges of Andhra
  6. National Parks & Protected Areas of Andhra
  7. Water Resources of Andhra Pradesh
  8. Ecotourism in Andhra
  9. Eastern Ghats


Data of Andhra

  1. Top ten cities (T10 Cities)
  2. Next 10 Cities (Next top cities of Andhra – Future Potential)
  3. Demographics – Population, sex ratio, Literacy rate, etc
  4. official state symbols
  5. top tourist destinations
  6. top pilgrimage destinations
  7. unique to Andhra & Best in India – ISRO-SDSC, TTD, iitians,
  8. Analysis of each district seriously, to get the profile of each district in separate articles.
  9. Top News papers & Journalists of Andhra


Andhra – Rest of India Relations

  1. Andhra – TN Relations
  2. Andhra – Karnataka Relations
  3. Andhra – Orissa Relations


Andhra – Rest of Word Relations

  1. Andhra – Japan Relations
  2. Andhra – China Relations
  3. Andhra – Singapore Relations
  4. Andhra – USA Relations
  5. Andhra – Germany Relations
  6. Andhra – France Relations
  7. Andhra – Korea Relations
  8. Andhra – Malaysia Relations
  9. Andhra – Mauritius Relations


Current Affairs Analysis

  1. Crippling state of AP SRTC
  2. Truimph of Sports persons from Andhra
  3. Award Winners of Andhra Pradesh
  4. Farmersproblems in Andhra Pradesh
  5. AP – Naxal Issue
  6. Impact due to hailstorm and recent cyclones
  7. Success of SHGs in AP?
  8. Success of e-Governance in Andhra ( Mee Seva )
  9. Kovvada Nuclear Power Plant Issue
  10. KG Basin Issue
  11. Coming up Metro Trains in Visakha and Vijayawada
  12. Is Special Category Status really required for AP? What are the possible solutions to work around this promise and ensure development of AP?
  13. Major provisions of reorganization act.
  14. Advantages of AP to grow further in the future.
  15. How could bifurcation become a blessing in disguise for AP in the future?

Write. Because, there is huge policy vacuum in Andhra, peculiarly, and no other southern state is as crippled as we are!

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